General FAQ

If you want to get started on your project just reach out to us either by phone, email, or our contact form. Whether you have a specific request or need help with your design, our team is ready to help get your project off the ground.

Call us: 647-794-5689
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Get started today by completing our quick and easy quote form. If you’re not sure about what you need for your project just send us a message or give us a call and our design team can help you.

Website Design FAQ

Thanks to our current digital age, its not necessary to meet face to face to complete your project. We can communicate with you virtually through Teams, Zoom or just over the phone. We can send you updates of our progress through email and we will make sure to consistently update you so that you remained informed and apart of the process. 

Whether or not we can update your website depends on the platform you’re currently using. If you’re not currently on a compatible platform we would suggest using one of our platforms so that your site has all the most current functionality and mobile friendly features. This also includes anti-spam protection and accessibility options.

Timelines are dependant on the specific scope and size of your project. A typical brochure website with 5-6 pages would require an average of 4-5 weeks. Timelines are dependant on the availability content, the speed in which feedback is provided and other factors.

The cost of a website is dependant on your specific requirements and usually differs from project to project. While there isn’t one specific number we can say that our website generally start at [INSERT $]. Ask us for a quote today to learn more.

We have a quick and easy website content checklist that will help you gather all the information and assets we need to build a website that is both on brand and has all the functionality and content your customers will need.

If you don’t have all of these items, we can help with that too. For example if you don’t have complete copy we have access to copywriters that can craft persuasive and meaningful copy for your site.

Once the site is completed logins will be provided to you so that you may access your site. At this point control of the site will be turned over to you and you will have complete freedom to modify it as you wish.

Trolley have over a decade of experience in website design. We have experience creating websites for small businesses and for personal use. We know how to create websites that are mobile friendly and easy to navigate. 

We design all our websites with mobile in mind. All of our designs are responsive which means they will display properly on all variations of screens. 

We offer website design services for Toronto and the world! We are based in Canada but can lend our expertise anywhere.

Print Design FAQ

We can make invitations for any occasion. Whether it be for the big day or a holiday party we can help you make the great first impression. Let us know what you are looking for and we would be happy to help.

The design process for a single print product typically takes 1 – 2 weeks and printing can take 4 – 5 days plus delivery. Individual timelines are dependant on the size and scope of the project as well as the complexity of your design requirements

We just need to know a little about you! We need to know what your looking for, a theme – if there is one and we will also need any other relevant information that may be beneficial to the creation of your print design!

We have over a decade of experience in print design. We have designed logos, custom invitations, stationary materials and more! We can help you brand your event or design new business cards, talk to us today 

Yes! We have a large selection of paper stocks, finishes, coatings, and production methods at our disposal. We can create a unique touch for your business cards, invitation, brochures and more!

From postcards to building banners, we can accommodate projects of any size. Our team can craft amazing invitation for your event and also produce posters, banners, signage, wayfinding, and everything else you need for a memorable occasion.

We have a wide range of folding and binding options for you to choose from. Whether you’re doing accordion brochures or perfect bound booklets, we have the right solution for your project.

We offer print design services for Toronto and the world! We are based in Canada but can lend our expertise anywhere.